Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rust Tex

Lois Jarvis is a very talented lady and she has a wonderful way of creating interesting fabrics. You can see more of her products on her website at Rust-Tex . I have a piece in her exhibit that premiered at the IQF show in Chicago and will be traveling to England in August. It is the only piece with COLOR, well I really don’t work in neutrals, but I love the way the fabrics look.

This is my piece in the Rust-Tex Exhibit.


The border is my hand dyed cotton sateen, the background is the over-dyed piece of rust-tex, and the Jack in the pulpit is my hand dyed silk.


Fran said...

That is a gorgeous piece, I want to touch it!! Very nicely done. I've not heard of Rust-Tex, so I guess I'll be looking for that on the 'net.

Chris said...

Very striking!

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