Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of the fun things about dyeing your own fabrics is all the mud colors you can get. Brown is not just BROWN. When you do gradation dyeing from one color to it’s opposite on the color wheel you will always get muddy browns in-between. It is invaluable to own a color wheel so you understand how color works.

C&T makes a nice 3-in-1 Color Tool.

orange-blue yelloworange-blueviolet purple-yellow red-green redorange-bluegreen yellowgreen-redpurple

primary-secondary 082 Notice the gorgeous browns in-between orange and blue. In fact my favorite brown is 3 parts blue to 5 parts orange. It makes the richest, prettiest brown I have ever seen.


solomi558 said...

must try this , I do paint my fabrics to get streaky effects , yours are very nice--cottonreel

Anonymous said...

I've done that with paints on fabric in a class with Jane Dunnewold. It is amazing what you get when you play with color and document how you got there. Thank you for the wonderful blog posts, photos, and tips.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I really need to buy more dyes. I only have 6 colors (one is black) and I'd love to try more mixing.

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