Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Judy Coates Perez

I have a few more videos to get up. Of course the show is over and it was a great time. It is always so busy and hectic at the shows and such a rush to clear out that I was just too exhausted to post the last two days. I actually sat around and watched TV yesterday, I NEVER do that during the day. Anne Lullie came by with a little business and I ran two errands and then I just vegged out. I even let my husband cook dinner:)

But I digress. Here is Judy Coates Perez and her daughter Nina. Judy is leaving today for New Zealand. Have a great time Judy.

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American Made Quilting said...

I would love to fit in Judy's suit case.... for her trip.. sound great!! Thanks for sharing your video...Natalie Carlton

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