Monday, January 25, 2010

January Blues


This is kinda how I feel in January in Chicago. The sun doesn’t shine here much and I feel sad and lonely. BUT I leave for South Carolina and Florida in a week so I should feel like this soon.


Happy and full of color!


Karen said...

The best time of year to go south! Lucky you!!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Frieda you are always happy and very colorful!

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

I think your followers envy you. I certainly do.
Do you need a Daylight Light Therapy system? They are amazing. I bought one for my partner. Also great light for hand work too!!

Darlene said...

It's easy to get down in the winter with all the gray weather. I live in the UP of MI where winters are long, and ya just gotta make the best of it! Keep focused on those beautiful yummy fabrics and think about all the gorgeous things you'll make from it!

kanishk said...

..Love the patterns,

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