Friday, January 22, 2010

Changing the needle is so important

I posted several weeks ago a few tips on machine quilting. One of those was how important it is to change your needles regularly. Here is a perfect example of what happens to needles over time and the difference it can make in your machine quilting.

The first picture shows machine quilting as the needle has started to go bad. You can see the bobbin thread showing at the points in the middle section. I had been using this needle for over a week, working on several small projects but doing over 10-20 hours of quilting and sewing. This morning I stopped to mend my husbands jeans. After mending his jeans I resumed quilting with the same needle and all of a sudden I am getting the bobbin thread showing on the top of my quilting. I of course stopped, changed my needle, cleaned out the bobbin area and resumed quilting without touching the tension. Miraculously the tension was corrected. Right picture. IMG_3465



Anonymous said...

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Darlene said...

Hmmm, I noticed yesterday that I was starting to see the bobbin thread when I was sewing. Of course, I've been meaning to change that needle...thanks for the reminder. I didn't know a worn-out needle could cause this problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Unless you actually see the changes as you're working it would be hard to believe what a difference a worn needle makes. I'm a believer now! Thanks for this post.

Julie Bagamary said...

So true! Just a small thing but important.

SewCalGal said...

Thank you. You've sold me to be better at changing my needle...and not thinking my machine may need to be serviced! Amazing!


gema said...

Agreeing, it is most likely that the jeans dulled or damaged the needle point. Good quality needles should be the first choice but there are also machines built to poor specifications, material-wise and technically which are very hard on needles.

If you are going to be hemming jeans regularly, get yourself an old (read ancient) machine. I would recommend a Pfaff 260 or a Necchi Supernova or Necchi Julia,(the Julia being the first choice since it is bigger and tougher). Keep these old-timers specifically for working on tough fabrics.

My 'grain of salt' wisdom

Diane J. Evans said...

REALLY good tip, Frieda -- one worth remembering and easy to forget. We usually tend to just keep sewing without blinking. Thanks for sharing!


kanishk said...

I didn't know a worn-out needle could cause this problem

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