Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apostles of Beauty

A group of us from PAQA/SAQAILWI met at the Art Institute today to see the current exhibit “Apostles of Beauty” Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago. It was an adventuresome group.


Sue, Linda, Pat, Laura, Judy, Stephanie and me taking the picture.

Only Laura had seen the new Contemporary wing and one of these woman had NEVER been to the Art Institute. The exhibit itself was inspiring, as most exhibits are, but I couldn’t take any pictures. I do however always get intrigued by the stuff in the gift shop. So here are my photos of what caught my eye in the new Contemporary wing gift shop.

There were lots of felted things, potholders, pillows, potholders and of course felted rocks.


I just loved these green grass like vases.

And no visit to a museum IMG_3458IMG_3459 is complete without the mug shots. Red Felt Bowls or Hats which ever works best.

But the best thing I saw was this charcoal and rock water filter system, $125. That is a lot of bottled water.



Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

That looks great...... thank you so much for sharing. When you live in a tiny island like me, this is a life-line to art.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Love the hat! You always look good in a hat.

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