Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dyeing has begun

The new year is off and running. I have begun the dyeing ritual. Every morning I rise and shine (well some mornings I really don’t shine). I get dressed and start my day. I have been a little lazy the last few weeks, but now the routine returns.

I dye all the fabric for my class kits as well as kits and fabric to sell on the internet and selling in booths that Laura and I will share through out the year. So each morning I have a routine. I get up and make coffee, I exercise, and then I dye a certain amount of fabric. I really don’t mind the dyeing. Here are a few pictures to see how I spend my mornings.

015-1 023 IMG_0356


All in a days work. You too can have some of this gorgeous fabric, visit my website and order some up. It will brighten your day when it arrives in the mail and you open the package to such luscious color.


JoAnn Deck said...

you look pretty scary there Frieda, but better to be safe than beautiful, right?

Darlene said...

Oooh, nice. I've dyed lots of yarn, and several pairs of socks, but not much fabric. Want to do that next, since I already have the dyes and everything else needed for dying. Just need to get some fabric to work with now! Maybe you'll inspire me to get going with it.

Colleen Kole said...

Never thought of putting it in a blender but it makes great sense! So much for those little flecks.

Lisa said...

Amazing. I suppose when you need to dye as much fabric as you do you need to blend the dye in a blender but it had never occurred to me to use one.

Frieda said...

If you get my new book you will see all the great tips I have about dyeing. One of which is to mix your dyes in an old blender!

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