Saturday, July 5, 2008

Using Adobe Illustrator

Linda in Sarasota asked why I use Adobe Illustrator and not some other draw programs. I thought I would comment to all.
I first started using Coral Draw, which I liked very much. Caryl Bryer Fallert uses it and I took a class from her on how she uses it.
Several years ago I decided to take a class at the local community college with the idea of getting into graphic design. The industry standard is Adobe Illustrator, and Coral Draw is not taught or used. I also took a class in Quack a page layout program. It has now been replaced with Adobe's
product InDesign.
I find the product pretty easy to use. Getting used to the beizer tool took some doing, but it really isn't that hard. I certainly don't know all the ins and outs, but I have an easy time getting around. There are lots of great books out there on how to use the program. Periodically I take one out of the library and do the exercises in it. That really helps. But my version is older and I need to update it.
I keep meaning to take a class in Photoshop, because I know I would really use that. Maybe next year.
The programs are expensive, but if you take a class you get to buy it a student discount, well worth it I think. Think about what you pay for your sewing machines etc..

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