Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shooting the DVD

Yesterday I shoot a DVD to accompany the paper pattern for Autumn Mums. This is a new direction for me, and a big step. The DVD will be available on line by Houston Market. Don't worry I will send out emails to everyone I know when it is ready for purchase.
It actually was a lot of fun doing this. My friend Todd Underwood is filming it for me. It was just like teaching a class.
What a ham I am!
And my good friend Laura was the producer. Of course the animals had to get in on the act. I hope they make the final cut into the production. Stay tuned!

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Frieda said...

Just checking to see if I can leave a comment, someone emailed me to say they couldn't

Anne Lullie said...

I will be the next to try andleave my comment! How exciting about your DVD; I want to see it when it is out..Also I am a little jealous about your weekend at the lake house; how fun that looks! {Hi Randi!}, And have fun in Tennsessee; :Kisses and hugs to Mel
anne L

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