Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

This week the DAMES took a few days to lounge at the lake. Our friend Randi has this fabulous lake house and she invited Deb, Betty and myself to visit. We (Deb, Betty and Randi)brought lots of good food and wine to help us relax. I want to thank Randi, Deb and Betty for making me stop and smell the lake water. I have been so wrapped up in getting ready to shoot my DVD and preparing fabric and kits to go to England, that I have hardly enjoyed the summer. But this was a great break, and I even got a little bit of tan to prove it.

Breakfast lounging.

The view from the house
My next fun summer activity will be visiting Mrs Mel. I can hardly wait to see in real life her fantastic new home.

These are what memories are made from. I hope everyone is out there enjoying their DOG DAYS of Summer.
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