Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unexpected gifts

Yesterday was a big day in the mail department. I received TWO unexpected gifts. The first gift is a potholder made from fabrics that my new friend and student Shelby made in TN last week. This was a great surprise and welcome addition to my kitchen. We had such fun in that class and it is nice to have a reminder of that. Shelby is also an excellent cook, and she sent me two recipes that she made while I was a guest at her charming home that I really enjoyed . I will post them later.
But besides the pot holder I received a really unexpected gift from my pal in MI Gayle. Her son created this charming and useful box. She said he is making these now as a new enterprise. Let me know if anyone wants Gayles email to order one of these treasures. They are little boxes for holding your sock knitting needles. I travel with my knitting and I only knit socks while I am on the road. This will be a great addition to my knitting supply bag. Add of course I love boxes, who doesn't, little containers to hold stuff. I have had an infinity for small containers since I was very young. Maybe it is the idea of hiding stuff, or just the fact of something with a lid that looks interesting, I don't know what the attraction is, but I love small lidded, hand crafted boxes.
So thank you girl friends, you certainly made me feel special. I most be the luckiest person in the world today.
Top of box.
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Mulberry Tart said...

I am glad you enjoyed staying with Shelby and had a nice visit with Melody. My friends called me yesterday and told me they saw my quilt in Quilting Arts. That was exciting.

Linda in Sarasota said...

Just received my new issue of Quilting Arts. You did it again! Third month in a row that you have an article in this wonderful publication. I'm really intrigued by your dyeing of silk charmeuse and hope to try some when the weather gets cooler (I can only dye outside and it's just too hot). The silk quilts are gorgeous. Congratulations!

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