Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flooded with Color

We had a fun time in Franklin TN doing my "Flooded with Color" class. We started out the two days by discharging black fabrics. This process is especially fun because you never know what color the black will discharge to! We used diluted bleach as well as Clorox bleach pens and soft scrub. Each medium creates a different diffusion of the color. The gals barely wanted to move on they were having so much fun.
After lunch we started our gradations. I have the class do three different color value gradations. Some of the woman did their gradations on white on white fabric and the results were spectacular. They work in pairs. Each pair has a clean person and a dirty person. Of course everyone wants to be the dirty person. But in reality we make very little mess in this class because of the way we have everything contained.
On the second day we did more gradation and in the afternoon we did direct application dyeing. We do stand and pour, over dyeing of the discharged pieces, free form application to larger pieces, and thickened dyeing. Towards the end of the day I couldn't get some of the ladies to quit! That is the sign of a good class. But the best part was that the weather was incredible! Warm and dry with no humitity and no bugs. It's a good thing!
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