Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is my line drawing for Whispering Pines. I scanned in my sketch (which I can't find) and placed it in Adobe Illustrator. I opened up layers and and put the sketch under template. That let me add layers on top of it and using the biezer(?)tool draw around my sketch, moving from the back to the front as I worked and creating new layers for each step. Doing it that way allowed me to draw freely and not pick up items I had already drawn when I wanted to move or re size something. By putting it in Illustrator it also let me add color and move elements around. Once I was happy with the line drawing I then printed it out and took it to Kinko's and had it blown up. Or I could have project it with my digital projector and laptop onto the wall and drawn it out to any size I wanted. I like taking it to Kinko's it's faster and easier, as I don't really have any large blank walls to project onto.
This was my first effort at making the quilt. I love the trees but I got lazy and tried something different with the backgrounds. When I fused it to the batting it had problems and I was terrible disappointed in the end results. Then Melody came over and looked at it and accidentally spilt coffee on it. It was doomed.
But it allowed me to remake it. I am so happy I did. I stayed with the original detail in the borders and used silk behind the trees. I am much happier with the results and it has won awards to boot!
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Anne Lullie said...

Thank you for that mini-design demo; I love knowing what goes on behind the scenes! Have a great 4th!

Linda in Sarasota said...

Frieda, I can see why you like the second quilt better -- it's brighter with more color contrast and comes across as a happier quilt.

Thank you for sharing how you execute your designs. I'm now considering getting Adobe Illustrator though my PC guru son says it is more difficult to use than somee other options. Have your tried other design software? Any comments on why you use Illustrator?

Thank you for sharing.

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