Wednesday, March 31, 2010



12” x 12” Gradation cotton on “wicked” background


Lime green, aqua and fuchsia silk on variegated cotton. 12” x 10”

If you didn’t know it already I really like TREES. I am always looking at them when I am outside. When I am driving my car I always notice the trees in the area and when I am on the highway my eye is drawn to the trees on the horizon. These two thumbnail quilts are my latest in my ongoing series of trees.

As always I need help naming these two new quilts. Any suggestions are welcome. To see more of my tree designs you can go to my website.


isa & marta said...

Para el primero se me ocurre bosque sobrenatural, no es muy comercial pero...
Para el otro simetria otoƱal.

Frieda said...

For the first supernatural forest occurs to me is not very commercial but ... For the other symmetry autumn.

Lisa said...

The first trees look like they are dancing to me and I know you already have a dancing trees pattern but I thought this one could be "Pine Promenade."

The other I thought looks like "Harmony"

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