Saturday, March 6, 2010


So much of what I make in my art is influenced by my surroundings. My pattern Daffodils is a direct result of spring time in my garden. Even though there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures  are only in the 40’s the brave daffodils are already poking their heads up.
IMG_3594-1 IMG_1215
Soon they will look like this. Granted this bed is up against my south facing house, so they get lots of protection and warmth, but just last week this bed was covered in snow.
I draw lots of sketches of the flowers and then I start playing with my fabrics to decide what colors I want everything to be. When the colors finally strike my fancy they become my art work.
daffidil IMG_00171 This is my pattern “Daffodils”
and all of my patterns have little tiny versions that are 8.5” x 11”. That way you  use up your left over fused scraps to make the small versions and nothing is wasted. The tiny versions are just so precious and they make great gifts too.
And finally I made
“Springs Greeting” 40” x 50”. The flowers and background are done in silk. The border and leaves in my hand dyed cotton.
I know I am ready to see their cheery faces again and be done with winter.


Diane N said...

What did you end up naming the Jack-in-the-pulpit pattern?

Sandy said...

Really gorgeous! I love seeing your work.

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