Monday, March 8, 2010

Quilt WOW

I have an article this month on the internet magazine site QUILT WOW. You can preview their site and see some of the great stuff going on. I hope you check it out.

Using decorative blades in your quilt art.

IMG_0012 colorsoffall andersonf2

Welcome to Workshop on the Web, a quarterly publication exclusive to the internet, featuring the very best tutors from all points of the compass, giving step-by-step details of textile techniques and ideas for using those techniques creatively. Machine embroidery, hand stitching, mixed media work from metals to the latest developments in plastics technology and beyond - you'll find it all here. We review books and products and keep you in touch with all that's new.
And now it's even better. In the last issue,we merged our sister publication Quiltwow into Workshop on the Web. This gives you lots of extra workshops as well as the existing exciting and innovative articles we already bring you in Workshop on the Web. All for the same price of 15.50 pounds for a whole year's subscription (about US$25). Even more reason to sign up.

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