Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduate to Gradation

When I first starting dyeing fabric I was so excited by my results. I loved working with all the colors that I produced. I was literally flooded with color.

I now offer all that color to you on my website.

Every month I try to have a special offer on my website.

Rainbow gradation and Blackened Rainbow gradation are my all time best selling fabrics.
And the two fabrics I use the most in my own work.

I do so much with these two fabrics. I use them all the time in my work and for my classes.

I use them because you have every color choice to work with the whole RAINBOW.
Pattern quilts like Petite Trilliums and Petite Sunflower are made using just one yard of Rainbow Gradation.

I am offering them as a package deal this month. $20 will get you a half yard of each.
It is a happy graduation present to you.


Gene Black said...

The link didn't work. But if anyone uses this link to the page the special is on, they can just scroll down and find it.

Frieda said...

Oh thanks Gene, I got it working.
It's a good thing you let me know.

Anonymous said...

I do love that rainbow! Hmmmm.......

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