Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You are not alone

Where do you start? How do you decide what to make? Where does that inspiration come from?
Do you keep a journal or notebook with ideas?
Do you take pictures of the things that interest you?
Do you jot down notes and sketch's on paper napkins?
These are the places where ideas are born.
  • Nothing comes from nothing everything is sparked by something else.
  • Keep a camera with you all the time, either a small digital camera, or a phone or sometimes I am even aware enough to take along my big digital camera.
  • Keep a small note book in your purse and a larger one in your car or carry bag so that if something really catch's your eye you can make a quick note of it and sketch it along with color ideas.
  • Keep a journal of pictures and ideas. Cut out pictures from the newspaper or magazines and paste them into a notebook. I just use an Elmer's glue stick you don’t have to be too fussy. Then when nothing seems of interest get out your idea journals and start looking through them, before you know it something will have sparked your interest and you are off and running.
  • Print out and put those pictures in there too.
Don’t forget Thursday Giveaway. If you haven’t already left me a comment about your favorite ruler. Do so now, so you can have a chance for a free give away.


ShariK said...

Very interesting to see your inspiration for your designs. Your work is beautiful.

My favorite ruler now is by Creative Grids. I began replacing my 20 year old Quilter's Rule rulers this fall and really like the Creative Grids. My eyesight isn't what it used to be and I can't see the fabric well through the colors on the Olfa rulers but can see it perfectly on Creative Grids.

Head Øv Metal said...

My favorite ruler is the Olfa 6" X 24" but I'm interested in trying newer ones.


Anonymous said...

Those are really great ideas about inspiration. I have a folder set up in iPhoto that I put inspirational photos in, with sub-folders by subject matter.

I also have a spreadsheet set up on my computer where I put ideas with any thoughts on color, materials or techniques that I have.

My favorite ruler is the 6" x 24".

susan said...

My favorite ruler is 12x12 square ruler as it helps me square things up. A close second is my ruler that I use when I'm sewing. Its by Dritz and its made of metal so I can iron a straight line for hemming etc.

Lisa said...

My favorite ruler is my Olfa 6 x 24" and I use it ALL the time! It's basic and has yellow numbers that are easy to see. I go crazy whenever I can't find it!

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