Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dream a little dream for me

I am a dreamer.
In many ways I am a dreamer.
I day dream all day long when I am working in my studio. Do you?
I dream about the quilts I want to make and design them in my head over and over again.
I also have very vivid night dreams.
The other night I dreamed about a quilt. I haven’t done that in a long time.
I try to keep a notebook by my bed so I can make a quick sketch before I lose the images.
Do you keep a note book or sketchbook?
You should!!
No one has to see it but you.
Some times when I feel stuck or uninspired I can leaf through my notebook and ideas start to flow and before you know it I am off and running and working on a new project.

Go get a brand new sketch book for the new year. Write 2012 on it and start dreaming the new dreams.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

great idea! I need to start sketching my dreams....but somehow they never look the same as they do in my head !

Terri said...

Love your sketch. I hope you make this one into a quilt...

sewmuch2do said...

I day dream a lot too and compose a lot of quilts in my head. Almost every night I think about colors, design, or free motion patterns when I fall asleep. I also have very vivid dreams but not often about quilting. I do some sketches and drawings and place them with the specific fabric for which I want to use in that quilt. Had not thought of a central place - good idea.

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