Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Laura and I are  in Paducah.

It rained all the way down highway #57 yesterday. When we arrived in Paducah we found out that the city was in the middle of a flood warning/watch.  The city of Paducah has erected the flood gates. They also made the AQS people move the main quilt show from the Convention Center, which is on the wrong side of the flood walls, to the new Pavilion, affectionately known as the giant marshmallow, which is on the right side of the flood walls. Initially we would have been in the main Convention center but now we are housed, along with the prize winning quilts, in the giant marshmallow.

Today it is sunny and hot outside, just the way we like it here in Paducah in the spring time. I hope if you were planning on coming to the show that you don’t let a little threat of rain keep you away. We are all set up and ready to go. I know it will be a fun show, because it always is.

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