Friday, April 1, 2011

Design wall Friday

I was recently teaching in Marietta GA. The local quilt shops in the area were having a shop hop. My hostess took me around to three of the closest quilt stores. In Tiny Stitches, one of the stores, I meet Melinda Fulkerson and we got to talking, you know how you can. She mentioned that she does a What’s on your design wall on her blog and I thought it sounded like a great idea. So I am going to start Design wall Friday. I invite you to send me pictures of your design walls and I will post them every Friday. Tell your friends, I think it will be fun to see each others design walls and what we are working on and what inspires us. Let’s really have a good time with this.

So I’ll start. Here is just one of my design walls. I actually have four in my studio space. One of them is for display of things I am currently in love with. That is this design wall. Things that I have collected,or just want to look at or people have given to me.

One of the design walls is for information. I stick stuff up there so I will remember where it is. If I can’t see it, it is out of my mind and I forget about it.

Two of my walls are actually for work in progress.

I will start out by showing you my love wall.


This wall sits behind my two sewing machines, and I really can’t put current work on it, so it has things I like to look at on it. Of course there are lots of leaves. I am constantly picking up leaves where ever I go, the ones on the far right are from when I was in Australia last year. Along with a piece of Aboriginal art work that I bought while I was there.

The leaves in the middle are from England well actually the Lake District and the oak leaves are from my little woods There are also some live oak leaves and acorns from Texas.

The portrait of George is from my book “Fabric to Dye For”. It is one of the projects in the book.

The black and white print is from an artist in SD, Lucy Sental? It is a gelatin print, it just looks like a tree. I love it. She and I traded goods. I wanted the print and she took some of my fabric.

The oak tree on the left is from a South African artist I meet in Birmingham UK at the quilt show, Festival of Quilts, a few years ago, it is a silk screen print I think. Her name is Pamela, can’t remember her last name, sorry.

There are two wool cards made by Penny Craft of Turkey Trot Workshops. I love these.

There are a couple of Judy Coates Perez ornaments. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Some postcards, the corsage from my son Zachary’s wedding. A voodoo doll from my friend Betty. And by the way I have stuck a few pins in it.

The little suitcase on the bottom left is from my childhood. It is 50 some years old and the MRS Anderson sign my baby boy Erik made in shop class.

The woven hearts on the right are from the article that I published in American Quilter in 2000. Ad a string of rock buttons I got at a garage sale. UP in the right hand corner you can’t see are some Magnolia leaves and a sign my friend Tommy Fitzsimmons made that says “It’s just fabric.” So true. You know one of my goals in quilting is to actually USE UP all of my fabric before I die. Because I have three sons and they will just give it all away.

All these things give me great joy everyday.

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