Monday, April 4, 2011

More fusing tips

Here are a few more tips about using fusible web.
1. Use your release paper to transfer designs.
This is a trick I learned from my good pal Laura. You can draw on the release paper or parchment paper and it will transfer to the back of the fused fabric.
If you draw with a extra fine sharpie marker you can place the marker side of the release paper against the fused side of the fabric and press with a hot dry iron. It’s a miracle!!
2. Be sure that the hot iron does not touch exposed fused fabrics.If you have to, use another piece of release paper or parchment paper to cover any exposed fusible web.
3. You can use a pencil or colored pencil to transfer designs too. When you use a pencil you can just rub it with your finger nail or if you have short nails use a rubbing tool. The graphite or colored pencil will transfer to the back of the fused fabric.
4. I use markers on darker fabrics and pencils on lighter fabrics.
5. Then cut out your shapes without the paper on the fused fabric. If you remove the paper you will get nice clean crisp edges that will stay clean and crisp when you fuse them down.

6. You can refuse pieces together on top of the release paper before you put them on your quilt top.
A students work of my pattern SunDance.


Lisa said...

Great tips - as usual!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful tip about the release paper! I've been throwing both pieces of it out, thinking that there ought to be something more that could be done with it! Now I know that there is!!

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