Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fabrics you want to use

I am going to pull the first name out of the hat today for a four free fat quarters of fabric. I will draw again next Wednesday the 12th if you haven’t entered yet or want to tell a friend about this great anniversary give away.

Procion MX dyes should be used with 100% plant fiber fabrics. Cotton, linen, tensel and rayon are all plant based fabrics. But I also dye silk the same way that I dye cotton. I treat the silk the same way I treat the cotton. The dye doesn’t come out as intense but still really lovely.


100% cotton PFD fabric.

PFD stands for prepared for dye. I don’t have to prewash this kind of fabric. I buy my PFD fabric from Test Fabrics or Dharma carries a wide range of these. Some quilt stores also carry these. You can use regular white cotton or muslin too, but you should really prewash the fabrics to remove any starches and residue.

You can also over dye printed commercial fabrics. Like dots and stripes and checks. Anything really, decorator fabrics, old shirts or dresses. White on white fabrics are great to over dye too.


089-1 089-2 Over dyed white dots in a darkened gradation and over dyed white on white in a light gradation.


connie said...

Oh, I want to try this with some dots. What fun. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the opportunity for the fat quarters.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this thread. I have your book and have done a little dyeing. It is pretty hard on my arthritic hands, but I do enjoy it. I am learning a lot from your postings and am becoming inspired.


Mommarock said...

Your colors do come out beautifully! I love them! And gosh I wouldn't have thought to try this on dots.. or stripes or white on white.. hmm.. how lovely

Frieda said...

There are so many possiblilites when it comes to over dying fabric, really any thing can be over dyed as long as it is prewashed and pretreated.

Frieda said...
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