Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dye painting

Closely related to Stand and Pour is Dye Painting.  Use a thickener such as sodium alginate (derived from seaweed) to thicken the dye. To thicken the dye read the directions on the container. You can do lots of things with the thickened dye. Use a brush or squeeze bottle to apply the dye. By using different types of brushes to get different effects, like thin lines if you use a small brush and wide stripes of lines of you use a fat brush with bristles. You can apply the thickened dye first, then let it dry and then apply another unthickened color over it. Or, you can do just the opposite. Dye the fabric first with unthickened dye and let it dry, then apply thickened dye over it. Either way will give interesting results. This is a great way to add texture to your dyed fabric.


There are many examples of famous people who use thickened dye to paint their quilts. You might try that too.

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Mommarock said...

It is interesting to see that on one the color looks like it bled into the next.. and on the red on yellow it didn't.. it would be fun experimenting to see what mix didn't so I could actually paint my design and have it stay put.. hmmm.

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