Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dying from one color to another another color

When I am dying fabrics for myself my favorite way to dye is from one color to another. This means picking two colors that I love and grading from one to the next by stepping down from the full color in one cup to the full color in the last cup. For instance;


This is a gradation from orange (1/2red 1/2yellow) to blue. Starting with a full cup of orange I dye the first gradation. The next gradation is 1 cup of orange with a Tablespoon of blue. The third gradation is 3/4 cup of orange with a 1/4 cup of blue and so on until I reach a full cup of blue.

What happens with these kinds of gradations is you get some fabulous in between colors. My favorite brown is 4/5 orange to 3/5 blue. This makes a rich chocolaty brown color.

When I start to experiment with different color combinations it is very important to keep a notebook. You think you will remember what you have done, but you won’t! My notebook is all stained from writing in it with my wet hands, but it is well worth it.


grad-alimeyavacado Limey Avocado is a gradation in greens.

fabric These fabrics grade from purple to green and from yellow to blue.

This is the quilt that I made with these gradations.

Winter Forest


The trees are also a gradation I have sliced apart Rainbow strip gradation to achieve the changes in color for the limbs on the trees.


Nancy Albright said...

I understand dyeing individual pieces from one color to another; would you give us some detail about how you dye multiple colors on the same length of fabric like you show in your gradation example photos? Thanks!

Frieda said...

There is more coming and will talk about that.

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