Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric to Dye For

And the winner is… Ta Ta Ta DA

Marcia Kosturock of Denton, Tx

IMG_0827-1 My husband Brett and George pulled the final winner of the month.
Marcia will receive a copy of my book Fabric to Dye For. I know Marcia that you will have fun trying the projects in the book. Remember to dye with a friend :)

And for those of you who didn’t win, well you can always order the book!

Testimonials  from former students who took my dye class.
Frieda's class was a blast! Her "formula" for dying is so simple and just plain fun.  Dying with the "buddy system" made it so much less scary. I'm looking forward to dying fabric in my own backyard this summer. Thanks, Frieda.
Shelby in Nashville TN
For certain kinds of fun, there just are no words to describe how much Frieda and her dye class are in that category.  If class had lasted a month, I’d be wishing for two more months.  One thing continues to crack me up but didn’t happen until days after class.  While folding clothes, I came across a pair of what should be white panties that were anything but.  An array of gorgeous, vibrant colors on them, right around where my belly button would be.  It took me a few breathless moments to determine whether I needed to stop right now and get checked for a major medical malfunction!  They were obviously the ones I wore to class, having leaned a little too close to my project on numerous occasions.  Okay, it’s not everyone’s idea of a souvenir of great times, but now when I wear them, I instantly remember how much fun we had in her class.   Can’t wait for her to come back so we can play with those “colors to dye for” again. (Remember I said dye underwear too!)
Thanks again, Frieda! 
Judy  Brentwood, TN
This was a fun, informative, inspiring workshop. Frieda was fun and added so much to the class.

I've tried dyeing fabric on my own with varied results. Frieda makes it easy to achieve stunning pieces with vivid colors.

Frieda provided clear and organized instruction, and the encouragement to be creative.

You could have this much fun too! I teach my dying method at quilt guilds. If you belong to a guild and would like me to come there and teach this easy method, please contact your program chair person.
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Mommarock said...

OOOh my goodness! I'm so very excited! Thank you! This is very very wonderful! I love your blog. Can't wait to see what I can make. Thanks for a great pull frieda's DH :)

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