Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More about My upcoming episode

My Episode #705 and will post on August 30, 2010 for all you QS members to view. Then in September the episode will be available to my customers to watch for FREE! I will send you a link via my newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet you need to send me your email address.
It is scheduled  from *September 6-12, 2010* AND I will give you a link where
you can receive a discount on a TQS membership.  This way, anyone
joining during the week will have an opportunity to see my show and other
fun things TQShow has to offer on the website.


banner3 The Quilt* (the link is - Alex
Anderson and Ricky Tims bring you the friendliest, Interactive Online
Community for Quilters Worldwide!  Join today to learn, share, create,
connect and watch Alex and Ricky in brand new episodes of "The Quilt Show"!

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