Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Madison Expo

On Saturday Sept 11 I will be teaching in Madison  from 1-4, Blooming Fun.

In this class we start out with 1/2 yard of multi gradation fabric; I call this Blacked Gradation, because I have added black to the dye to deepen the colors. In this class my students will first fuse ALL the fabric and then cut it apart to create the background that will house each students unique flower composition made from yellow-orange gradated fabric that I dye. IMG_2411

I will of course talk about how I have finished this piece and if any of my students where in my FFFFMMQ class on Thursday or Friday they will know exactly how to make all the quilting designs that finish this piece so well. The Spine Feathers, the Leaf and twirl and the scrolls.

IMG_2411-1 IMG_1914-3 IMG_1914-1

If you are at the show, don’t hesitate to find my room and stop in and say hello. I will have my other patterns and hand dyed fabrics for sale.

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Candice Hope said...

Gorgeous quilting on those quilts! Love your leaf pattern border!

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