Friday, August 27, 2010

Indian Summer Quilt Show and Conference Fargo ND

I will be visiting the lovely city of Fargo ND. I have never been to Fargo before and am really looking forward to seeing that neck of the woods. The Quilt show and conference runs from September 24-26 at the Holiday Inn on 13th Ave.

I am teaching the ever popular Laughing Leaves class. In this class students will start out with 1/2 yard of my multi – gradation fabric. They then get to choose two other 1/4 yards of fabric from a big stack of a variety of my hand dyed gradation fabrics ranging in colors from pink to purples, yellow to oranges, blues to greens and many more.  They fuse up their fabrics and we begin the design process. This class lets loose with free form cutting and the use of decorative blades to cut out the design elements. It always amazing me to see the results.


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Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

I love those leaves. Gradation quilting is intriguing; I hadn't heard about it before.

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