Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Landscapes

Besides teaching Laughing Leaves in Fargo I will also be teaching Frieda’s Fun Fast Free Motion Machine Quilting AND a new class Little Landscapes. I am  looking forward to what students are going to do with this class. I have been watching the landscape while I drive for a long time and am just now incorporating landscapes into my work.

In this class students will start out  picking from my stacks of hand dyed fabrics 4 – 1/4 yard pieces to assemble their own landscapes. There will be four piles of sky colors – pink-orange, blue to light blue, pink to purple and grey to light blue. There will be four piles of earth colors, multi-bright gradation, blackened multi-gradation, blackened orange to purple, and blacken greens. There will be a pile of lime green to dark green, and a pile of all variety of gradations. I LOVE CHOICES. Having so many choices can be overwhelming but it allows the design process to move forward more easily.

After we fuse up our fabrics the students will be given the choice of making a landscape in one of three styles. Look out landscapes here we come.

Drivinghomefrieda wisconsinlandscapefrieda blowinginthewind featherypines

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