Friday, August 27, 2010

Birmingham Festival of Quilts

Laura and I had a great time in Birmingham as usual. I came home yesterday and Laura will be back next week. I will post lots of pictures from the show and later our trip to London, but for now here is a quick look at us in our “stall” at the show with some “students” now friends from last year.


Janet van der Colff  on the left and Lesley Williamson in the middle, Frieda and Laura.

Also, I was sitting in the SAQA booth on Sunday when along came

Alex Veronelli of AURIfil Threads, he was taking a video of

the Art Meets Science exhibition at Festival of Quilts:
and posted a video, you can see me in it at the end. Jean Judd sent me the link. Thanks Jean!


Anonymous said...

Freida!! I just love your hand-dyed shirt in the little video clip (I ran it back three times just to try to see more of it..). I wish you'd post a photograph of the whole thing..maybe a few hints about how you dyed it??!! Hmmmm...pretty please??

Carol said...

It's been so much fun seeing all the different videos and stills from Birmingham that have been popping up on-line.
Thanks for sharing yours.

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