Monday, July 26, 2010

San Jose

I am in Beautiful San Jose CA. I will be doing my Really Free Motion Machine Quilting lecture tomorrow at the Santa Clara quilt guild in the morning. On Wednesday I am teaching my Really Free Motion Machine Quilting class. Fun will be had by all.

All meetings are held at:
1735 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose CA
(at Westgate Bible Church)
Click here for a map and directions.

 This morning I went for a walk. Right away I passed under an orange tree with over ripe fruit laying all over the ground. A little later I passed by an Ebay campus. I wonder if it is THE Ebay campus. How we love Ebay. Only in California. The weather is beautiful and no bugs and NO humidity. Of course I did pass a couple of gas stations, and gas is $3.38 a gallon, oh oh.


Lisa said...

Oh no! I just drove back from SF yesterday. I should have stayed longer and gone done for your classes! Hope you had a great time.

daisy said...

Your class must be very interesting.Have a good time.

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