Thursday, July 15, 2010

The process

I thought you would enjoy seeing my process for creating a new piece.
I went through my sketchbook and found a very old sketch of trees. Probably done one day after our daily walk in the woods. I fooled around with it a bit and updated it and then redrew a cleaned up copy on release paper. It measures about 15” x 18”.
I then used another piece of parchment paper or release paper from the fused fabric and traced around base elements for a pattern. I used this pattern to cut out the green for the field and used my pinking blade rotary cutter to cut out strips for the fields. I assembled this on a different piece of release paper and built my fields and sky before adding in the trees and leaves. I used my wavy blade rotary cutter to cut long strips and then cut those strips apart to create the leaves.
friedaanderson friedaandersonprocess
All of the fabric for this little landscape was pulled from my scrap drawers. I am on a big cleaning up and out kick this summer. Trying to rid myself of excess scraps and fabric. On that note my summer special on my website is to get a free fat quarter of fabric with any order over $20
Not quilted yet so I will post again when it is.


free indeed said...

I would like to make art quilts like this but don't know how to fuse stuff on...don't have access to all those fusables called for. Need to find a tute for more detailed steps. I am also working on my scraps...I almost prefer working from the scraps than cutting yardage....

Diane J. Evans said...

How terrific to see your mind in action, Frieda -- thanks so much for describing and photographing the process for us. I always love seeing your sketches and how they inspire your quilts.


Julie Bagamary said...

What a fun and inspiring piece. Thanks for the details.

Nina-Marie said...

I love your use of value in these pieces - but OMG - your use of the quilting line is amazing.

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