Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just got this email from a woman in my class last weekend and I wanted to share the photos. We had been talking about the hedges in New Zealand. I taught there several years ago and had a fabulous time.

Hi, Frieda,
I loved your class at QuiltNebraska.  My friend was in the Friday class and I was in Saturday's class.  We were talking about all the things we learned that we will use forever - tearing fabric that is fused, which kind of fusibles work best, fusing instead of sewingseams - we went on and on.  Thank you for your creativity and generosity.  It was a great class.

We talked about the hedges in New Zealand.  Here are some pictures my husband took when we were there in April. The man in the photos is my brother-in-law.  The hedge belongs to his long-time friend who bought and lives in an old "convalescent" home.  Spooky, but fascinating.  The last two pictures were taken from inside the hedge.  Truly amazing.

Thanks Katie


Lisa said...

The inside of the hedge definately has a haunted forest kind of feel!

daisy said...

The landscape is so beautiful. The grass wall is great.What a unique hedge.

nike shox r4

Lynn said...

I had a great time in your Sat. class in North Platte and thank you for fusing my large pieces...I was the one sporting the blue cast and wheel chair. Thanks for coming to Nebraska for the Nebraska Quilt Guild's 25th anniversary of QuiltNebraska our summer convention. Am anxious to finish my project now.

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