Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More stitch in the ditch

So I have been asked what thread I use in the bobbin. I always use cotton in the bobbin. I like to use a #50 or #60 weight bobbin thread. I usually use one of three brands, YLI, Aurifil or Coats and Clark, all make really nice colors and good quality thread. But I buy all kinds of thread in all different colors because I match the bobbin color to the top. I have found with my Janome 6600 I rarely have to adjust my tension even with the very thin silk top thread.

I also find that my fusible pieces do not release. I think for a couple of reasons, I am using mostly my own hand dyed fabrics and they don't have any kind of starch or sizing on them so the fusible sticks well. I apply fusible to the whole fabric and then cut out my pieces.  But when I do use commercial fabrics I make sure that I have washed the fabric to remove all sizing so that the fusible sticks. I only use WonderUnder fusible web and find that it comes me NO problems and then I make sure that I steam set all my fused pieces after quilting.


Lisa said...

Thank you for clarifying which bobbin thread you use as well as the other points. All very good information to know! My first experiences with raw edged applique, about 11 years ago, resulted in some pretty frayed edges after washing. However I suppose your pieces don't get thrown in the wash the way my daughters blanket does! ;)

I also appreciate learning that despite all the new fangled fusibles out there (and that I have tried) you have great success with good ol' WonderUnder.

Sally said...

Also a big thank you for clarifying your thread selections. Guess another thread order is in store. Pity, pity. It is annoying to start a project, get ready for stitching and find you can't match anything

Again, thank you for keeping up with our blog comments/questions.

EKRLM said...

Regarding Wonder Under. I recently heard that as it gets older (unused), it does not work as well. Is this true? Is there an unpublished 'use-by date'?

Thanks, Ellen in Maryland

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