Monday, April 7, 2008

Rising Sun IN

I have just had the most interesting trip of my teaching career. I drove down to a quaint little town on the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky border called Rising Sun, IN. It sits right on the Ohio River and across the way is Rabbit Hatch, Ky. This little river town is making great efforts at becoming an artist community. They started this year a small quilt fest and invited myself and Terry White as teacher, lecturers. That is Terry with one of her thread painted quilts, her specialty. While hanging out and talking Terry and I realized we grew up in the same town, we went to the same high school, and even lived on the same street, at different ends. That we would both end up traveling and teaching quilting, seems like there must have been something in the water of our childhood community to affect us this way. Terry is a delightful person and very talented teacher. She has a unique way of thread painting and a fun personality. Needless to say we hit it off. We both also happen to have the same astrological sign!
The other strange coincidence to this trip is that in this small river town is a Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin where I live has the only other Grand Victoria Casino in the world. Too weird for me.

These two little "quilts" where made of used postage stamps. I have never seen this done before and thought it was such a clever idea. As a whole I think quilters are so resourceful. There were actually five compositions all framed together. But my other images were blurred.
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Frieda said...


So nice to have you in Rising Sun. Next year we are setting up the schedule so all of us who had to work the show will be able to take classes!!

Thanks for the nice mention of our town on your Blog. I thought you might like to know who the quilter/artist is who did the postage stamp quilts. Those wonderful "quilts" were done by Martha Bladen of Vevay, Indiana and that entry was our first place winner in our all media art contest at Quilt Fest 2008 in Rising Sun, Indiana. She is also a fabric quilter.

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