Saturday, April 26, 2008

Headed home

It's our last night in Paducah and we are headed home in the morning.
We had a great dinner last night with my new BFF Stephanie at Max's with all the prom dates.
If you have never been to the Paducah show it is always Prom weekend here. So on Friday nights we, the quilters, get to relive or live for the first time prom, as all the kids are out eating before the big dance.
Tonight we had dinner with Caryl Fallert and the whole crew from the night before at a new place called Flamingo Road. You know, it is always about the food, where we are going to have dinner, what is the next meal and is the food any good. It was a fun place with good food and good friends at the end of a good week.
It was fun to see everyone from around the country, thanks to all of you who stopped in and said HI, it really makes the show special.

But I am really ready to go home, I can hardly wait to see George, Laura is fun, but I miss my dog. There is no place like home.
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