Monday, April 21, 2008

Come see us in Paducah

We are finally in Paducah. It was a regular road trip with Laura giving bad directions. We ended up starting out by way of DeKalb, NOT on the direct route to Paducah. But she saved my keaster several times by directing me to the right, right, RIGHT HERE, keeping us on the correct highway south. Of course no trip to Paducah is complete without a stop at the Illionis Artisian shop in Rend Lake, where we ran into many old friends. Need less to say we made it safe and sound. It is hot and sweaty here, but the dogwoods are in bloom and the tulips are up and everything is green green green. My favorite color. We even had time to set up half the booth before they kicked us out for the night. We found a new restaurant to eat at, that had home made Tamales, yummy. But the not to smart ice cream shop closed it's doors before we could get our scoop after dinner. Just as well my pants are getting alittle tight. Anyway stop by the booth and say hi.

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