Monday, April 14, 2008

Artgirls and bloggers

This is Allison and Tracy, sisters who run the ARTGIRLZ booth. What a great team, they are so fun and full of life it was fabulous to get to meet them. We want to combine booths won't that be a hoot.
Lots of bloggers showed up in the booth and I am happy to say that as woman we are powerful and engaged. In the quilting world as well as the world at large. Recently I was informed that women over a certain age are dismissed as a demographic. We have no power. I take issue with that. And these gals are living proof that we are important as a demographic. On the web and otherwise. GIRL POWER. Right on.

And Cheryl who stopped by the booth. We took a class together with Judy Perez doing Tsukaneko Inks. It is always fun to see friends at the show.

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Linda said...

all of a sudden, your blog is bigger than life........any ideas why????

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