Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 3 in Paducah

Last night we had a wonderful evening. After attending an opening at the Pinecone Art Gallery on 7tth street of Denise Havlan's art quilts (far left) Caryl Fallert had her annual gathering of friends for dinner and conversation. Caryl was excited to host this gala event in her new home and spacious new kitchen, which was a delight for all gathered. Judy Zoelzer Levin and her sister Nancy were some of the quilters in attendance as was Jan Wass, Claudia Meyers, Marilyn Badger, Annette Hendricks and her mother Kathy, Linda Lasko from AQS, and two editors, Yamakami Sanae and Ryoko Kabayashi, from Quilt NIHON Japan as well as Mary and our fabulous chef Susan the Shibori girl, Caryl's new neighbor and artist.

Judy and Susan chatting it up before dinner.
And yes Laura and I were there too. Laura was our entertainment for the evening, gracing us with her original compositions of the "Wasilowski song" and the"Geisha Song". Laura has a truly beautiful voice.
Needless to say fun was had by all.
Now back to work.
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judy coates perez said...

looks like you guys are having so much fun!

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