Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Dog rules

We have discovered the George is mostly deaf. This is sad news for our beloved friend.

However on the bright side it doesn’t really seem to bother him. He lip reads.

Old age sucks


George has been my loyal companion for over 13 years. 

Sure he was the boys dog first. But the boy moved out.

Erik looks so smarmy here, I think is was trying to look cute. George always looks cute.

Dogs rule in this house.


giddy99 said...

Sorry about George's hearing loss! Love the quilt!

Wilma said...

Lo siento mucho que se haya ido George ¡Y que Armonía su color, con un collar grande y sobre la cola otro¡¡¡
Se nota que Admiraba las Obras de Arte¡¡¡ Un Saludo desde Venezuela.

Deb said...

George is awesome whether he can hear or not. You are right -- dog's rule. They make the world a better place and folks who don't know the love, companionship and unselfishness of a dog are really missing something. You go, George!

Frieda Anderson said...

I'm sorry he's gone George And Harmony color, with a big collar and tail another
You notice that I admired Artworks Greetings from Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

Even the best of us have some hearing loss when we get older, but we adapt. It's good that George has started lip reading, but I'm with you....getting old sucks! lol He is sooooo cute. How could you possibly ignore that twinkle of spunkiness in his eyes??

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