Monday, September 24, 2012

Mary Jo’s

I just returned from teaching in North Carolina.

I had a fabulous time. First I was with the group in Shelby. Fun Gals. I stayed with my new BFF Molly in her charming log home out next to a King’s Mountain state park. It was so pieceful there, ha ha.

Then the Asheville gals picked me up and we went to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia. OMG was it fabulous.


I have heard about Mary Jo’s for years, I mean YEARS. I even have a little post-it note on my bulletin board with the name of this store on it from years ago when someone told me about it. They have everything there.

I think there is every collection of quilt fabric in the store. And I love the way it is organized. By style not by designer.


So all the Christmas fabric was together, and then all the DOTS were together, then all the animal prints were together, then all the bark fabric was together. There were rows and rows of fabric.


There was also upholstery fabric, and trims and buttons, and glitter, and notions.




It is a great place to visit.

I added to my black and white collection, of which I will someday make a black and white quilt. Every quilter must make one black and white quilt before they die.

Here is the list of quilts I think every quilter needs to make.

A sampler quilt – didn’t we all start this way? I know I did.

A log cabin – one of my very first quilts.

A lone star – still need to make

A tree quilt – many, many of these

A black and white quilt – collecting for this

A mariner’s compass quilt – made a block once

A robbing peter to pay Paul quilt – made a block once

and a wedding ring quilt – have pieces cut out for this

I have done about half of these. So I still have several to do along with all my own original designs, which in my opinion are the most important of all of the ones listed.

BTW I stayed with my other new BFF Barbara in Asheville also out in the mountains. It was like being on vacation. Thanks Barb. All teaching trips should be this great.

This is what it looked like at Barb’s house. Loved it. Already missing it, but so glad to be home for a week.

Have a happy week.


Cornwoman said...

I want to go to Mary Jo's!!! Be still my heart! lol I think that if I went in there, that I'd just live there in the store.

Debbie said...

Mary Jo's is called Mecca here! We love to shop there regularly, so i know you had a great time.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my! Now you are talking about my part of the woods! My mom lives in Shelby & our kids live just south of Charlotte. I go to Mary Jo's every time I visit :*) When I tell my friends here in Nashville about MJ's, their mouths water and they all say, "Road Trip!!!"

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