Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where is it?

Staying organized is definitely one of my biggest challenges.

Having lots of draws and shelves helps me with that challenge.

I wish I had even more table and shelf space, but the ones that I do have let me be creative instead of looking for my tools.

I know where all the things I need to work with are and I can easily have what I need right at my fingertips.

Being organized is one of the key elements to letting my right brain take over and create!
Where is it?


Barb said... just had to go and show your wonderful room and it!!

Stella said...

Wonderful studio! I'm jealous of your skinny ruler drawer - mine just hang from nails on the wall which is convenient but takes up wall space that could be used for far better things! I also appreciate that you follow the "no scrap is too small" approach to fusible products!

Diane J. Evans said...

I always love your videos, Frieda -- you have such a relaxed way of sharing ideas and teaching new tricks. You gently inspire me to try new things -- thank you.


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