Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Friday Give Away

Remember this?

Are you ready to make one yourself?

I think it is time to share.

This week and next I will be giving away parts to make this Tablet Keeper for yourself.

This was a fun project to do, and most importantly have. I love using my tablet keeper.

This Friday enter your name for a chance to win the “Gently Used” directions to make this Tablet Keeper or IPAD cover. Along with the directions you will also receive a fat quarter yard of Frieda’s gorgeous hand dyed green fabric. That way you may actually get around to making one of these nifty covers for yourself.

Next Friday enter your name for a chance to win my pattern, Petite Trilliums and a quarter yard of Frieda’s hand dyed fabric - fuchsia to purple. When you get these it is up to you come up with another interesting idea of how to put my design on something, maybe a purse?

All you have to do for a chance to win this week is to send a friend to my blog and ask them to sign up to follow along. Each of you need to leave a comment. All names will be enter in the drawing. Each time you comment I will add your name again.

It’s as simple as that and soon you could be making something new.

Good luck!!


Frances from Texas said...

Oooh, I'd love to win! I'll recommend you to my sister June; I think she'll enjoy your work as I do.

KAM said...

Oh what a wonderful draw this is! I have forwarded your blog information to three of my quilting friends...I hope they sign-up so that your great blog will be enjoyed by them the way I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Since I love your blog, I recommend it to people all of the time, but have just shared today's post with my friend Faith. I think she'll enjoy your blog, and who could resist either of the patterns AND your gorgeous hand dyed fabrics?

JuneMc said...

Beautiful, thank you for sending me this Frances. I will enjoy following Frieda's blog. I love hand dyed fabrics.

Yvonne said...

Very pretty.....I love your work. :)

Linda said...

I'd love to win any of your patterns or fabric. I've done one and won a contest because of your beautiful design. Have also recommended your blog to my friend Teresa.

patchouli moon studio said...

I'm leaving a comment here too as there was no place on today's post to leave a comment for winning the tablet.

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