Friday, April 13, 2012

Walks in the Woods

Georgie and I go for a walk everyday, rain or shine, unless I am traveling.

Some of the benefits I get  as an artist from my daily walks are -

1. It makes me stop and think. Regular stops are useful interruptions to creativity.

2. Inspiration ALWAYS arises when we are out. Refueling my creative body and mind.

3. Time is given to aim my efforts more accurately. I can focus on what I need and more importantly - WANT to do.

4. A brief pause helps me make a smarter next step.

5. It is physically good for both of us.

6. I am infused with spirituality every time I walk in the woods or around the pond.

Things that have become clear to me on these walks are -

1. It is O.K. to start over, and sometimes better.
2. It is O.K. to start without an end in sight.
3. It is O.K. to just start.
4. It is O.K.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get outside for a walk.



Teresa in Music City said...

Ahhh - thanks for that breath of fresh air!

Cornwoman said... have such lovely surroundings and a very willing walking partner. I love it! Plus, you are right "on the money" with the benefits of walking.

Jean said...

Try something wild on your next walk...go around the pond in the opposite direction from usual; it's amazing what you might notice from such a small change!
Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the wonderfully simple things!

Marsha said...

"It is O.K. to just start."

That is the ultimate secret ... I am convinced! Thanks for putting it so succinctly.

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