Monday, January 30, 2012

Small Autumn Mums - a fused collage class

I just returned from teaching near Grand Rapids MI at the Western Michigan Quilters Guild.

I thought you would like to see a quick tour of one of my fusing classes – Small Autumn Mums.

A quick view of my fused collage class–Small Autumn Mums

Those quilters in Michigan sure do know how to have fun, and we had a fun time making the smaller version of my pattern Autumn Mums. A fused collage quilt.


Gene Black said...

I made a fused quilt this weekend. It was fun!

Barb said...

I enjoyed that, thanks!

Susan Turney said...

Great idea to show the video. It really makes me wish I could take one of your classes!

Richard Healey said...

As normal amazing!

Cornwoman said...

What fun that class looks to be!! Thanks for showing us the video!

Lisa said...

Great video. Everyone's projects look beautiful! The funny part is that I enjoyed hearing all the midwestern accents the most. ;)

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