Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Georgie Porgy Puddin in Pie

As many of you know I am crazy in love with my dog. I just returned from teaching in Kalamazoo MI and the question came up again; are there any "George"quilts. And the answer is YES there are.

As of right now there are three. My friend Judy Coates Perez  made a small ornament quilt for me one year for Christmas and I treasure it. It hangs year round in my kitchen.

The first one I made is called Georgie Porgy Puddin in Pie and is made of cotton sateen and silk. It is about 24" square.

The latest George quilt is a pattern available in my book Fabric to Dye For and is called Daily Walk.

I am thinking of a new one. We'll see how long it takes me to make it.


Chay said...

I love your picture quilt! Do you have a blog post about your process for that quilt? It is wonderful.

Frieda said...

Thanks Chay, I don't know which one you are talking about - Georgie Porky?

Chay said...

Oh, sorry, I wasn't too clear. The blue one labeled Georgie Porgy Puddin in Pie that looks like it came from a digitalized photo.

Anonymous said...

George is so cute! His personality just shines right out of those photos!

Stray Stitches said...

You capture George perfectly in each of your quilts :)

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