Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let it snow

On Sunny Sunday I traveled to Fort Wayne IN to teach two classes and do a lecture. The class was full on Monday, we did Laughing Leaves and everyone made such fantastic designs. I was surprised that even with weather warnings we had a full class for Free Motion Machine Quilting on Tuesday. You can't keep quilters away from what they love. But the bad weather canceled the Tuesday evening lecture and left me stranded here in Fort Wayne for awhile. I am sitting in the hotel room waiting now for the snow to stop  in Chicago and for them to dig out from the big  storm so I can drive home. My husband said that the snow was up to his waist!! He shoveled a path on the deck for George to get out this morning and then George JUMPED into the snow and swam to the tree to do his  business. However he couldn't get himself back to the deck. My husband had to wade out into the snow and rescue him!! It is not so bad here in Fort Wayne, but they have closed all the schools and are asking people to stay off the roads, so I am sitting here watching the weather channel. It is COLD and blowing here and COLD, blowing and still snowing in Chicagoland. Tomorrow the sun is suppose to come out and hopefully they will get my street plowed and my drive way shoveled so I can pull into the garage and STAY THERE.

On a brighter and happier note, thank you to Carol in Billings MT who won the top bid on my little quilt Petite Poppies. I know it is going to a loving home.

Thank goodness I brought along some work and my knitting. I hope there is a good movie on TV today. Wish me luck getting back home.


Mommarock said...

Oh that is just too funny that DH had to go rescue the dog. This weather is just crazy! It is no fun dealing with bad weather when you are at home, much less when you are away. I hope you do make it home safe and sound. Back to the warmth and comfort of your quilting.

Anonymous said...

The frigid weather has made it down to central and south Texas and we just hate it. I don't know how you deal with this type of weather year in and year out. Have safe travels home.

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