Monday, February 7, 2011

Ideas for framing your small art quilts

As a fiber artist, I like touching my art. However, framing my art makes it easier to display and gives formality to the work.

Over the years I have tried different methods to frame and display my small art pieces. Lately, I have come up with a few additional new ideas.

A very simple way to display fiber art is to use a table stand and a piece of foam core to support the piece of art. Apply a little sticky double sided tape or Velcro to the back of the art attaching it to the foam core. The foam core will keep the piece propped up well. You can even buy foam core that is close in color to the art work.

Picture #1 The foam core supporting this quilt is cut exactly the same size as the quilt.picture#1


Picture #2 The foam core on this one also acts as a frame, showcasing the art quilt.


I made two quilted signs for my son’s wedding reception. I attached these both to green foam core and they were very easy to display then on the easels.


Julie Bagamary said...

Do potential customers view it as professional as well?

Frieda said...

Yes I think they do. What do you think?

GerryART said...

Such a simple solution AND REALLY GREAT SHOW OFF OUR ART.

Using materials most of us have on hand,

Thanks and Hugs,

GerryART said...

I'm so eager to give this a try that I'mm going to make a small piece just so that I can use my foam board and easel.


ChrisC said...

Thank you for sharing the framing ideas, I have a couple of small pieces that I haven't been able to "fame". I'm off to buy some foam board. :)

Jodi said...

I have just discovered your work thought the oddest path (the quilters collective on facebook). They have a picture of one of your beautiful art quilts and I have fallen in love with you work immediately. So inspiring and having had a quick look at your blog I can guess the answer to my question - yes you do dye your own fabrics. Just Stunning. You are so tallented.

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