Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walks in the Woods

Everyday, unless there is thunder and lighting, George and I walk in the woods. Today was no exception. It has been very cold here in IL for the month of December, but we still take our walks. Today the high was 27 degrees. It is very pretty in the woods in the winter. The trail is still very white, no dirty mud yet, and crisp and hauntingly beautiful. Today we saw many FAT squirrels running up the trees as we approached and lots of bird activity. I wonder how the birds stay warm? I guess their feathers keep them warm. I heard and was able to spot a red headed woodpecker. We have two varieties in our little woods. You can often hear them but not always spot them up in the trees. I love to be able to see them.

Even in the dead of winter there is still green in the woods. Some of the late autumn foliage gets caught unawares and is “frozen” in the green stage of decay.




Karen said...

The snow is so beautiful when it is still white and untouched.There is an amazing sense of peace and solitude in the woods full of snow. George looks like he had fun!

Gerrie said...

Thanks for the photos of George. I love him!!

Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate to live near the woods like that. Walking there daily would be a wonderful treat, especially with the snow. I remember the hush and the sense of peace and wonder at all that beauty. George is a real cutie and looks like he's having a very good time!

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